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Saturday, September 14 - NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK 

Being the largest city in the United States, the city that never sleeps will leave you with endless journeys. Take a peaceful bike ride past the wonders of Central Park, see a world-class production on the bustling street of Broadway, or find yourself looking at stunning Manhattan views from the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

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Sunday, September 15 - NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND

A stylish, world-famous yachting center with a long tradition of elegance, the colonial sections of Newport boast many authentic historic buildings, some dating back to the 1600s. Most impressive are the opulent summer "cottages" built by industrial-age tycoons. Fashioned after the palaces of Europe, their interiors boast lavish use of marble, alabaster, gilt, mosaics, and stained glass, complemented by magnificent furnishings and refined tapestries.

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Monday, September 16 - PORTLAND, MAINE

The largest city in Maine and the state's social and economic capital, Portland is a vibrant and historic destination. A favorite place for strolling, dining, shopping, and entertainment is the Old Port, a revitalized warehouse district made all the more fascinating for its connection to the working waterfront. The Arts District is situated just a few blocks away and is considered the city's secret treasure. Word is fast getting out, however, because the neighborhood is home to an array of art galleries, antique shops, artists' studios, and world-class museums such as the Portland Museum of Art. Any glimpse into the city's history, a highlight of which is the Wadsworth-Longfellow House, the 19th-century home of the famed poet. Another well-known writer, Stephen King, was born in Portland in 1947.

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Wednesday, September 18 - SAINT JOHN (BAY OF FUNDY), NEW BRUNSWICK

Here on the Bay of Fundy, a rare phenomenon known as the Reversing Rapids occurs when high bay tides collide with the Saint John River. History is impressive, too, with Canada's oldest continuously operating farmers' market and oldest museum. Nearby, Irving Nature Park's salt marshes, volcanic rock, and forests are explored on winding trails.


Thursday, September 19 - HALIFAX (NOVA SCOTIA), CANADA

Bagpipers bid a warm welcome to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia and the most Scottish of all Canada's great cities. The Citadel Fortress dates to the city's founding in 1749 and stands over the thriving downtown area, where modern buildings nestle alongside the exquisitely restored Historic Properties waterfront. Here, you can shop for authentic Scottish tartans and superb hand-knit woolens. Nova Scotians claim they have the freshest air and warmest smiles in Canada.

Friday, September 20 - CRUISE THE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER

Located on the east coast of North America, the St. Lawrence River is a body of water that crosses the provinces of Quebec and Ontario in Canada, as well as the state of New York in the US. Wealthy in diverse wildlife, this important river is also rich in history and unique landscapes such as the Thousand Islands.

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Saturday, September 21 - ILES-DE-LA-MADELEINE, QUEBEC

Amidst breathtaking nature, find Iles-de-la-Madeleine, a remote archipelago in the Gulf of St. Laurence. Shaped by the forces of nature, this windswept paradise is a picturesque landscape of red sandstone cliffs, rolling dunes, and white sand beaches. Step off the beaten path and wander the narrow, cobblestone street to the charming French-Acadian villages, where you can immerse yourself in the history of this enchanting culture. Enjoy contemporary life on the island with visits to local artisanal galleries, and when day turns to night, admire the beauty of the northern lights.

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Sunday, September 22 - CRUISE ST. LAWRENCE RIVER

Monday, September 23 - QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC

Tuesday, September 24 - QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC

Just northeast of the UNESCO-designated Vieux-Quebec (Old Town), Montmorency Falls Park is enchanted with striking flows that are one and a half times taller than Niagara Falls. Explore the streets of the Old Town presided over by the Chateau Frontenac for a taste of French-Canadian culture found in classic bistros and cafes, and explore proud French history found in numerous museums.

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