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This spacious and cleverly designed cabin offers nautically inspired brass and leather finishings, a personal tablet, intuitive mood lighting, music controls, and movie streaming. Indulge in one-touch room service and relax on the European queen transitional Seabed. The upgraded walk-in bathroom provides ample space for two, while the Roomier Rainshower invites intimate moments of relaxation. Upgrade to the XL Sea Terrace for the ultimate cruise experience.
XL Sea Terrace Balcony
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Providing all the comforts and amenities of The Sea Terrace but with closer proximity to all the action. This clever cabin offers a personal tablet, intuitive mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming, one-touch room service, a European queen bed, a handwoven terrace hammock, and an upgraded bathroom experience with a Roomy Rainshower.
Central Terrace Balcony
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Indulge in epic ocean views from the European queen bed or while relaxing in a sustainably sourced terrace hammock in our Sea Terrace cabins. With nautically inspired finishings, this clever cabin offers a sensory experience. Control mood lighting and music, and enjoy one-touch room service with the personal tablet. Take in the views or refresh the Roomy Rainshower in the upgraded bathroom.
Sea Terrace Balcony
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Experience our innovative cabin design that caters to every Sailor's mood, offering a personal retreat with modern aesthetics, yacht-like ambiance, and functional living space. Unwind in style with flexible furnishings, upgraded bathrooms featuring Roomy Rainshowers, and calming mood lighting for a truly comfortable and rejuvenating stay.
Sea View
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APA2024 Chynell.png
Whether you're traveling with friends, going solo, or in a duo, everyone can join in on the Insider action. Enjoy our cozy escapes with Roomy Rainshowers, mood lighting, and ample space to relax and recharge for the next adventure.
*Pricing is based on double occupancy, with rates per person. Government taxes of $95 per person are additional. Call for rates based on single or triple occupancy. To confirm your booking, a deposit will be required.
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