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Regent Seven Seas GrandeurJuly 17 - 27, 2025


Thursday, July 17 - REYKJAVIK, ICELAND

Just as Iceland is a unique country, rugged and remote, yet modern and enjoying Nordic standards of affluence, Reykjavik is a beautifully diverse capital city. As Iceland's capital and its main population center, Reykjavik offers a fascinating mixture of the traditional and the very technically advanced. In addition, its natural beauty leaves a lasting impression. Visit the remarkable solfatara fields of Krýsuvík where you'll discover an expanse of steaming volcanic vents and boiling springs, framed dramatically by a range of multi-colored hills.

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Saturday, July 19 - DJUPIVOGUR, ICELAND

Amongst the endless majesty of sheer-sided mountains etched with waterfalls in Iceland's sparsely populated Eastfords, the small coastal village of Djúpivogur offers something magical: Mt. Búlandstindur, a pyramid-shaped basalt mountain peaking at 3,507 feet that's widely believed to be a focus of mystical forces. Nestled by the picturesque fjord of Hamarsfjörður, the town was a trading center as far back as 1589. Visit a historic timber building called Langabúð, constructed in 1790, to admire the sculptures of Djúpivogur’s own Ríkarður Jónsson (1888-1977). Take a boat tour to the island of Papey - named after Irish hermits who sailed to Iceland in the 7th and 8th centuries - to see a colony of Atlantic Puffins.



Rare is a town that greets you with a meandering river, waterfalls, and a jaw-dropping mountain, but Eskifjordur is a rare place indeed. Located on one of Iceland's magnificent fjords, this quaint fishing village offers spectacular scenery (it's Iceland, after all); an outdoor, geothermal-heated pool; a 'spar' (calcite) mine that dates to the 17th century; maritime museum housed in an 1816 building; even a privately held collection of rare stones you're invited to see for yourself. But it's Eskifjordur's surroundings that your senses will celebrate, especially the village's pride and joy, Holmatindur, standing over 3,200 feet high, and Holmanes Nature Reserve, the cliffs provide views to last a lifetime. 

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Cruising the fjord that ends with picturesque Seydisfjordur, it's easy to understand how its small populace produces such a thriving artistic community. Surrounded by soaring Mt. Bjólfur (3,560 feet) to the west and Strandartindur (3,314 feet) to the east, with waterfalls cascading in every direction, you'll undoubtedly feel the transformative powers of this Eastfjords town. A stroll past smartly painted wooden houses reveals small charms like the Bláa  Kirkjan (Blue Church), the quaint star of many Seydisfjordur photos, that perfectly embodies this city's unique style. Watch for reindeer on hillsides and seals and porpoises in the cold waters.


Tuesday, July 22 - HUSAVIK, ICELAND

Charming Husavikis - the whale-watching capital of Iceland. Altogether, 23 species of whales are found in these waters and you are most likely to see Humpbacks Minke, and Blue. While you are out whale watching, keep watch for a puffin colony near Lundey Island. Take a walk along the serene lakes of Botnsvatn and Kaldbakstjarnir, or go for a swim in one of Husavik's therapeutic geothermal lakes. Get a glimpse inside the Húsavíkurkirkja (Husavik Church) and the Husavik Whale Museum.

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Wednesday, July 23 - AKUREYRI, ICELAND

Explore the big city amenities and small village charm of Akureyri, on the shores of one of the world's longest fjords encircled by dramatic snow-capped mountains. As you stroll into town visit the newly built "temple of culture," HOF, which houses a theater, music, hall, restaurant, and Tourist Information Center. Marvel at the variety of Arctic plants in the Botanical Garden of Akureyri. Stroll along Arts' Alley meandering through the museum, galleries, and artists' studios. Enjoy the tax-free shop in the town center. Look for fine woolen knitwear, handmade ceramics, glassware, and silver jewelry.

Included Shore Excursions:

Akureyri Walking Tour

Godafoss and Leisurely Akureyri

Akureyri & Santa's House

Akureyri Nature and History

Jewels of the North

Whale Watching from Husavik

Myvatn Nature Baths

Polar Flight to Grimsey

A Taste of Akureyri

Hrisey Island

Whale Watching from Akureyri

Cultural Heritage, Horses & Nature

Forest Lagoon & Panoramic Akureyri

Northern Lights Cruise

Whale Watching from Hauganes

Whale, Fish & Dish

Executive Collection Half-Day Car

Executive Collection Full-Day Car

Executive Collection Half-Day Minibus

Executive Collection Full-Day Minibus

Shuttles to Town

Executive Collection Half-Day Van

Executive Collection Full-Day Van



Seydisfjord is 1 mile long, narrow, beautiful waterway surrounded by high mountains that end at the town of Seydisfjordur, known for its old multi-colored wooden buildings and cascading waterfalls even in the city. This is home to the Skalanes Nature Reserve with its wide variety of wildlife including more than 45 bird species. The first high-voltage electricity in Iceland was opened here in 1913 and is still in operation today. A popular hiking path starts at the town center, following the east bank of the Fjardara River that flows through the town's center.



Discover the dazzling natural beauty of Isafjordur. With its striking steep mountains on three sides rising dramatically around a gorgeous bay, this is one of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth. Trace the area’s history with a visit to the Maritime Museum in one of the oldest buildings dating back to the 18th century. A delightfully urban atmosphere prevails with major music schools, free concerts, and festivals. Bring home fine handmade woolen items, nautical-themed articles, and arts and crafts. Feast on fresh baked goods and coffee at one of the many cafés.



While the small fishing town of Grundarfjörður is a charming place to peruse, it’s perhaps most well-known due to its proximity to the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland. Mt. Kirkjufell (Church Mountain) was shaped across millions of years by the force of two glaciers, and today its steeple-like peak casts dramatic shadows at the edge of the sea. A three-pronged waterfall called Kirkjufellsfoss (Church Mountain Falls), often favored as a foreground, completes the epic scene. Visit the town’s information center for exhibits celebrating Grundarfjörður’s importance to Snæfellsnes Peninsula history, as well as photographs by Icelander Bæring Cecilsson (1923-2002).


Sunday, July 27 - REYKJAVIK, ICELAND

Disembark the ship this morning, stay a few days, or catch your flight home.

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