Join Phil & Carol Swartz

Holland America's New England and Canada cruises takes you to the ports of New England and eastern Canada to bear witness to fascinating histories and vibrant cultures that continue to thrive to this day. Approaching these cities from the sea offers a memorable perspective: For many immigrants to North America, the first glimpse of their new lives would be from the decks of ships sailing into these harbors. While the fishing villages of New England and Canada's Atlantic Provinces embody a long seafaring tradition, neither region is frozen in time. World-class museums and celebrated restaurants sit side by side with historic sites. Whether you want to explore the early days of Canada and the United States or see what the future holds for their metropolises, a journey along North America's Atlantic coast promises to be unforgettable when you sail with us on an Eastern Canada and New England cruise.

Cruise Inclusions:
  • 7-Night Cruise
  • Meals
  • Entertainment