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Monday, January 24 - BERGEN NORWAY (OVERNIGHT)

When you arrive in Bergen, encircled by majestic mountains, fjords, and glaciers, you'll quickly understand how its setting inspired the Viking sagas. With your ship berthed next to Bryggen wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can easily stroll along its waterfront once you've settled into your veranda stateroom. This evening, mingle with the locals and dine ashore, as we will be spending the night in port.

Tuesday, January 25 - BERGEN, NORWAY

Take in more of Bergen's Norwegian charms today. In the city's Old Town, explore narrow cobblestone lanes and peer into shop windows. You'll find this Hanseatic haven to be a walker's delight. You might also spend time on the ship today, perhaps indulging in a treatment at The Spa or settling in with a good book in the Explorers' Lounge.


Wednesday, January 26 - CRUISE THE NORWEGIAN SEA

Thursday, January 27 - NARVIK, NORWAY

Home to a former Viking settlement, Narvik is situated on the innermost shores of the Ofotfjorden. The small town enjoys a dramatic backdrop, encircled by mountains in every direction and the glacier that spills right to the water's edge. During your visit, you will learn how the ice-free port helped the town prosper as an exporter of Swedish iron ore. At the Polar Park, you can view some of the residents of the far north, including Arctic wolves. You might also enjoy the wilderness during a sleigh ride or meet the native Sami people

Friday, January 28 - ALTA, NORWAY (OVERNIGHT)

Resting on the stunning shores of Altafjord, Alta is the gateway to some of Europe's most magnificent natural beauty. Its frequent clear skies make it an ideal locale from which to view the northern lights. In Alta, fascinating rock carvings tell stories of primitive cultures; you may view them, as well as fascinating exhibits on salmon fishing and the northern lights, as the excellent Alta Museum. Or you may opt to visit the nearby Sami community of Maze for an authentic lunch of local dishes and an exciting ride in a reindeer-drawn sleigh.


Saturday, January 29 - ALTA, NORWAY

Enjoy another day amid the breathtaking setting of Alta. You may wish to explore the town on your own, perhaps visiting the Northern Lights Cathedral. Admire its fascinating steeple designed to resemble a flame and enjoy the ethereal strains of its organ. Or venture to the spectacular Sautso, a canyon carved over millennia by the Alt River. At 7.5 miles long and up to 1,380 feet deep, it is the largest in Northern Europe.

Sunday, January 30 - TROMSO, NORWAY (OVERNIGHT)

Enjoy the lovely setting of Tromso's historic center, spread over a scenic island surrounded by snowcapped peaks. On an included tour along heated sidewalks, installed to keep the snow at bay, admire its blend of wooden structures and neoclassical buildings. You'll see the stunning Arctic Cathedral with its striking triangular shape, the city's most recognizable symbol. In winter, the spectacular surroundings can be explored by sled, pulled by reindeer or dogs. You can learn about this long-held wintertime tradition at the Tromso Wilderness Center, home to more than 100 huskies.


Monday, January 31 - TROMSO, NORWAY

Enjoy another day to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich culture of Tromso. You might set off into Norway's pristine wilderness on a glacier trek in the Alps.  Alternately, learn about the aurora borealis and the indigenous cultures of northern Norway from experts at the Tromso University Museum. Or pay a visit to the world's northernmost brewery.

Tuesday, February 1 - BODO, NORWAY

Explore the lovely city of Bodo today, home to a masterful cathedral. Bodo lies just north of the Arctic Circle and was rebuilt to what you see today after its destruction in Wolrd War II. On an included tour, see the Customs House, Norwegian Aviation Museum and Gothic Bodo Cathedral with its ten glorious tapestries from Nordlund and detached steeple. Its melodious church bells ring out over the town every hour. Ronvikfjellet mountain f=affords magnificent views over snow-covered roofs. Bodo's greatest natural landmark, the Saltstraumen maelstrom, can be viewed year-round.


Wednesday, February 2 - CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA

Thursday, February 3 - STAVANGER, NORWAY

From the heart of the Old Town, where your ship berths, you will have the morning and early afternoon to explore. Start here in the old quarter, Gamle Stavanger, which has Europe's highest concentration of wooden buildings from the 17th and 18th centures. Or consider a cruise along the Lysefjord to see the faous Preikestolen, or Pulpuit Rock, jutting out nearly 2,000 feet above-it is one of Norway's most famous natural attractions. Offshore oil drilling is an important industry for the local economy, and the award-winning Norwegian Petroleum Museum tells the story of the dangers faced in extracting this precious fuel. While ashore, don't forget to indulge in waffles with cream and sweet jams with a steaming cup of hot tea.

Friday, February 4 - AT SEA
Saturday, February 5 - LONDON (TILBURY), ENGLAND

Awake in Tilbury, a historic town on the north bank of the Thames River. Disembark this morning and transfer to the airport. Or explore more with Viking and spend time in London.