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Kristen & Joe in France: Culinary Adventures in Cap dÁgde

We’ve been staying for the past couple days at a little resort town called Cap dÁgde. We wanted a little more time on a sandy beach (unlike the pebbled one in Nice) before heading to London this weekend. However, the weather has not been cooperating with us. It has been cold and rainy since yesterday. Nevertheless, we walked the harbor, which has all kinds of cute shops, restaurants, and ice cream stores (which are not selling a lot right now).

The most interesting thing that has happened here was our lunch today. Joe took a walk while I was working on my blog. He came back and said he wanted to show me something. He took me to a store t

hat had all kinds of yummy food: paella, quiches, different meat dishes, etc. Everything looked delicious, except for a pan of what looked like baby octopus.

Of course, Joe had to try it. The lady dished it into the bowl and we went back to the hotel. Joe also bought some shrimp just in case he didn’t like it, but he ended up eating the whole bowl, minus the one piece I tried.  Turns out, octopus isn’t my favorite dish.

Joe is definitely the most adventurous eater I have ever met. Anyone who knows me will joke that I will eat just about anything, but I’m learning I wouldn’t be able to beat Joe in a weird eating contest.

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