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Kristen & Joe in Positano, Italy (continued)

Today June 29th we had to check out of our hostel because we only booked it for 2 days and we decided we wanted to stay another 2 days, but unfortunately the hostel was full, full, full.  Not surprising because it is the only hostel in town and the hotels are pretty expensive.  We reserved a room at a hotel a little closer to the beach.  This ended up being a good thing since our hostel was situated at the top of Positano and we had to climb down 674 step to get to the beach and 674 to get back. So much for resting.

We checked out of the hostel and decided to take a boat to the Island of Capri.  It was a beautiful ride.

Once we got to Capri we found a sign that pointed to the city center and followed it.  Big mistake!  The city center was a lot further than we thought and situated on top of a mountain.  It took us almost an hour to get there.  Once we got there we found out that we could’ve taken a tram for 1 Euro each.  I went to the information center and was informed that pretty much everything we wanted to do was at the port where we had just come from, so we grabbed a piece of pizza and jumped on the tram to go back down.  Once we got there, we booked a boat tour that took us all around the island and included a couple grottoes.  The scenery was amazing!


hen we got back to Positano, we went to check into our hote but the hotel didn’t have our reservation (even though we had a confirmation number) and they were full so we had to scramble to find another one at the last minute.  The hotel we ended up at was a lot pricier than we wanted but it was much nicer as well.

             The next day we were tired so just stayed pretty close to the hotel.

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