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Staying Connected & Caffeinated in HAL’s Explorations Café

Staying Connected & Caffeinated in HAL’s Explorations Café

You can’t complain about spending an entire afternoon out on the deck of your Holland America Line ship while taking in the stunning scenery of Glacier Bay. But you’ve been out in the chilly Alaska air for 4 hours, your camera’s memory card is officially spent, and nothing sounds better to you than a steaming cappuccino.

Just make your way back indoors & up to the Explorations Café, an internet & coffee lounge/library aboard many of HAL’s ships. The barista there will brew you up something hot & foamy from Torrefazione Italia while you decide whether or not you want to send a sadistic “wish you were here” email to your co-workers or the family you left at home.

Why would you do that? Well, because you can. The Explorations Café is powered by The New York Times, and provides the intellectual cruiser with a wealth of books, caffeine confections, jigsaw & crossword puzzles, music, and…INTERNET! Log into one of the many internet stations or connect wirelessly on your own laptop.

Update last week’s Facebook status from “Mo Arnold is enjoying a latte at her favorite local coffee shop” to “Mo Arnold is busy enjoying an icy panoramic view of Alaska…in her favorite coffee shop at sea.” Then post that photo of Muir Glacier to your best friend’s wall to prove that it was calving right before your very eyes.

Long gone are the days when cruising meant cutting yourself off completely from all civilization. For guests wishing to send the occasional quick word back home, or skim the latest news without having to scrounge up a newspaper with the morning coffee, Holland America has provided a convenient & stylish venue.

or give us a call if you’d like more information about cruising on with Holland America or about their Alaska itineraries. We’d be happy to take care of all the details for you.

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