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July 8 - 21, 2022
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13-Night Svalbard & Iceland Cruise


4 Included Shore Excursions for Siglufjordur:


1. Herring Hayday (Duration: 3 hours)


Welcome to Siglufjordur, the historic gold-rush-like atmosphere of the once-bustling herring town. Visit the award-winning Herring Era Museum, with a fun and energetic performance of the herring salt show. A blast from the past, guests will watch how the "herring girls" used to work. Get caught up in lively accordion music and ring dancing while sampling traditional rye bread with local herring and Icelandic schnapps. Learn about the local history and culture of this wonderful town in the north.

You will start your visit to the Herring Era Museum by watching the live show. After the show, each museum house, with escorts, will walk with you and show you around each house. Tasting included during the museum walk.

The Boathouse, which is the town's thriving harbor of the 1950s, has many old fishing boats at the dock. Grana, a 1930s-era fish and oil factory, Roaldsbrakki, a 1907 salting station, and bunkhouse are some of the establishments visited.

Please note: most of the museum is accessible, however, some of the old houses have steep stairs.s.

2. Hiking in Siglufjordur area (Duration: 3 hours)

Take the opportunity to enjoy Siglufjordur's nature and history with a passionate guide who knows nearly all there is to know about the area, its folk stories, historical events, places, and the ancient walking trails over the mountains between farms and villages. You'd be surprised what hidden gems lurk in the mountains, but you won't be surprised to hear that the views are about of this world!

Please note: Hike is approx 3-3.5 km with a steady incline. No toilets available during the hike.


3.​ Hedinsfjordur Hike (Duration: 3 hours)

The walk starts from Hedinsfjordur. We will drive from Siglufjordur through the tunnel and start the walk from the parking area at the end of the lake in Hedinsfjordur.

The walk takes around 5 hours. The highest point of the route is 650 meters above sea level, and since we start almost at sea level, this gives a good idea of the elevation. We will be walking at an easy pace, but this is uphill, and some parts can be challenging if people have underlying difficulties or knee problems. We will be walking mostly on the land, crossing small brooks, and paths are not always clear. The ground is grass and glacier gravel, which is easy for most walkers.

Please note: this is a strenuous hike - hikers must be in excellent shape. Good hiking shoes are essential, along with a water bottle for water. The incline is at most 620m, and the hike takes about 5 hours.

4. Local Chocolate & Beer - Walking tour around Seydisfjordur - walking (Duration: 2.5 hours)

Our guide will take you on a journey through Siglufjordur, and our first stop will be at Frida - Chocolate cafe that is owned by Frida, an artist, and chocolate lover, but the cafe is also her art workshop. At the cafe, we will taste her locally made chocolate and enjoy her art. After getting warmed up by the wonderful chocolate, we head over to the local brewery Segull 67.

Segull 67 is a small family-owned craft brewery. The brewhouse is an old fish factory that they have re-designed and adapted. Segull means magnet in Icelandic, and they are connecting it to the magnet needle (magnetic north) in the compass. The magnetic needle always turns north, no matter where you are.

67 has long been a lucky number in the family.  The owner's great grandfather drove his truck with the number F67, and his grandfather sailed the seas with the boat number SI67. Visitors learn about this small family-run brewery as they get to explore the brewery itself - "behind the scenes" - and taste their products.