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As the home of Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral is the launching point for all-out adventure in Central Florida. Its beaches offer a mix of family-friendly shores and secluded swaths of sand. And with Orlando's theme park sprawl only an hour away, you can easily mingle with your favorite characters. Beyond the parks lie equally amusing gems packed with Old Florida characters. Kayak past manatees in the Banana River Lagoon and zip line above alligators at Brevard Zoo. Discover notable art museums and Park Avenue's ritzy charm. Cruises from Port Canaveral allow you to trace the region's roots at the Orange County Regional History Museum.

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Tuesday, April 22 - NASSAU, BAHAMAS

Caribbean charm shines in the Bahamian capital, where you're never more than a few steps away from rhythmic percussions, appetizing flavors, white-sand beaches, and some of the clearest waters in the world. This picture-perfect paradise was once a pirate's haven - and you can explore its colorful past of buccaneers, blockade-runners, and bootleggers along historical streets and at the three colonial fortresses that line the shores. If you're looking for more hands-on maritime adventure, look no further. Cruise to Nassau and swim with stingrays, dive with dolphins or spot colorful coral on a glass-bottom boat. And just across the bridge is beautiful Paradise Island, home to world-famous luxury hotels and resorts. Spend the day at the famous Atlantis and splash your way through its expansive water park, grab a pina colada at the Marina Village, and spot the hammerhead sharks in Predator Lagoon.


Wednesday, April 23 - DAY AT SEA

Thursday, April 24 - PERFECT DAY AT COCO CAY

This isn't vacation days spent. This is bragging rights earned. Conquer the tallest waterslide in North America and snap a shot from up to 450 feet up in a helium balloon. Grab a drink at the swim-up bar and soak up the scene in the largest freshwater pool in The Bahamas. Or get a taste of Boar Bora with your own Overwater Cabana.


Once you disembark in Port Carnival, you can choose to either extend your stay in Orlando or return home.

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