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Five OTHER Senses when Traveling

We all know about our Five Senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch – and, yes we use all of those when traveling.  Watching grizzly bears in Alaska, listening to the surf hitting the rocks along the coast in Maine, smelling the pine forests in Switzerland, tasting the fresh-baked pizza in Italy, or feeling the sand under your feet in Hawaii.  You get the idea.

But what I want to talk to you about today are five MORE senses that you’ll want to use when traveling.

1. The sense of humor.
First is a sense of humor.  This is an important travel characteristic that allows you to calmly deal with traffic jams, lost luggage, or snooty front desk clerks.  The sense of humor often comes into play when we have the unexpected happen.  That’s when we REALLY test our sense of humor.  Just remember, it’s those unexpected things you will remember the most when you get back home.  (And they do make the best stories at your next party).

2. The sixth sense.
Next is your Sixth Sense.  You know that tingling sensation you get when your brain tells you that things are just not right? It could be that the neighborhood you’ve chosen to walk through at night isn’t safe, a dish on your plate is questionably fresh, or a taxi driver is being pushy about taking you to his brother’s souvenir store. When your sixth sense says “No, get me out of here!” you should probably listen.


3. Common sense.
Then there is Common Sense.  How many times have you been advised, “Just use your common sense”?  But, no one bothers to define what that really means.   Well, when it comes to travel, common sense says to use the hotel safe and not to answer the door without checking who is knocking. On the street, common sense says to leave your bling at home and not to flash your cash. On the beach, common sense says not to store your money inside your shoe when you go for a dip. You can probably think of many more examples.  But common sense also says, remember YOU are in THEIR culture, they are not in yours.  So expect and embrace the things that are different and unusual to you.


4. The sense of adventure.
Get out of your own little bubble.  Don’t be your “same old self”.  This is the sense of adventure - that irresistible urge to do things differently while on vacation; try new activities, taste new foods, talk with the locals, and engage in that secret second lifestyle that caused you to take a vacation in the first place. Lifestyle number one is you back home in your same old routine. Lifestyle number two is you on vacation with no commitments other than relaxation and enjoyment on your own terms.


5. The sense of travel.
More and more people are exposed to the benefits of travel every year.  This is the addictive sense where the motto might as well be, “Once bitten, you never recuperate.”  Frankly, that’s what we count on here at Holiday Cruises & Tours.  We know that once you start traveling, hang on the world, because you will never turn back!

Here we are in 2020. Will you dare to be different this year?  Why not share your sense of wonderment with this great world, with your family, friends, and neighbors.  It just makes SENSE.