Cruise Line Check In

The majority of cruise lines require pre-cruise Customs and Immigration check-in for all guests at least 48 hours prior to sailing. This is very important as it saves time when you arrive at the pier to check-in for your cruise, which means your cruise vacation adventure can start right away.

To complete your Online Check-In process, you will need the following:

  • Your reservation number. This can be found on the documentation sent to you by us.

  • All personal identification documents for you and those traveling with you. This may include your drivers license, birth certificate or your passport.

  • You will also need the name, address and phone number of an emergency contact.

  • The credit card information for the card that you will be using for your on board charges. You can use one credit card for all persons in your party or different cards depending on your preferences.

  • When entering your names for check-in, please do not use middle names or nicknames. The names must match what was given at the time you booked your cruise reservation.