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Friday, November 22 - QUINTESSENTIAL MIAMI

Welcome to Miami and the sweep of South Beach - the backdrop to every iconic Miami movie, and forefront of Latin American culture. Stroll through pastel-hued geometric buildings in the Art Deco district, to graffiti mural masterpieces at Wynwood Walls. Watch Latino life unfold in Little Havana - the heartbeat of this great city - where walk-up windows sell cafe cortadito, sweet sugarcane juice, hatuey beer, and guava ice cream. Watch passionate locals discuss politics, play dominoes, and smoke cigars. Shimmy at a salsa class, shop designer boutiques, and race marlin and sharks by speedboat. Then slow your pace to uncover rare and endangered species at the Everglades National Park outdoor oasis. You'll find the Miami dream is real - and it's not just Cuban heels that will give you a spring in your step.

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Saturday, November 23 - AT SEA

Sunday, November 24 - AT SEA

Monday, November 25 - ANGUILLA ESCAPISM

Restore in blissfully quiet yet sophisticated laidback island life. Roam amongst wildlife, learn fascinating insights into Anguilla's quirky history, and gently wander to the limestone cavern of Katouche Cave. Embark on a guided quad bike tour, glimpses of island life, and sail over electric blue seas to reach the remote paradise at private Little Bay, where jagged cliffs flank pristine sands. Casually kayak or paddle board through warm breezes and calm waters to secluded coves and indulge in refreshing cocktails with butter-soaked grilled lobster at enticing beach bars, with toes submerged in the softest, whitest, and finest sand.

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Tuesday, November 26 - RESTORATIVE ROSEAU

Soak up the ultimate well-being experience at a real-life "Nature Island." Oxygenate in lush rainforests, revive under waterfalls, convene in thermal sprint waters, and detox in volcanic mud baths. Trek Morne Trois Pintons National Park, a UNESCO jewel with Mother Nature's rarest flora and fauna. Stir up authentic Caribbean soul food; taste callaloo soup, sip spiced rum, and learn how herbs can heal. To cap it all, you can even snorkel in the bubbles of the uber-healthy Champagne Reef.

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Wednesday, November 27 - ENCHANTING BASSE-TERRE

Add a touch of Caribbean flair to your journey with a visit to Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. This lush, volcanic island beckons with a tapestry of rainforests, waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. Explore the iconic Soufriere volcano and its captivating surroundings, immersing yourself in the island's natural wonders. Stroll through vibrant markets, savoring the flavors of local cuisine and immersing yourself in the lively culture. Whether you're drawn to the black sand beaches or the verdant mountain landscapes, Basse-Terre promises an enchanting escape into the heart of Guadeloupe's unparalleled beauty. As you continue your island-hopping adventure, the memories of Basse-Terre promise an exquisite escape into the heart of Guadeloupe's exceptional beauty. As you continue your island-hopping adventure, the memories of Basse-Terre's natural splendor will linger, creating a lasting connection to this Caribbean gem.

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Shimmy into an island where you can visit two countries in a single morning. Call into a little French capital sprinkled with coral-colored houses, lively markets, boulangeries, and bistros. Wind down where turquoise waters roll gently over soft sandy shores and drop into chic Orient Bay for a dash of pizazz kissed by gentle trade winds. Shop chocolate and cheeses in Dutch emporiums. Hike the French slopes, Fort Amsterdam, horseback ride, dive deep underwater, or pilot a gyrocopter to observe worthy eco-sites that shelter diverse flora and fauna. St Martin is a magnifique.


Friday, November 29 - SAN JUAN BLENDS

Explore the oldest US city for a dose of Caribbean history, Spanish culture, and a twist of the American dream. Roam historic Old San Juan alleyways to glimpse centuries-old forts and colorful colonial buildings. Learn how to move as locals sashay out the salsa to rhythmic reggae beats. Shop the boho streets or glamorous boutiques for artisan goods, decadent designers, and hand-rolled cigars. Experience world-class surfing, explore a tropical rainforest, attend a private rum cockatiel tasting, and polish off empanadas. Then retire to one of the beautiful beaches to soak up crystal clear waters and, perhaps, one last rum cocktail.

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