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A Crystal-Clear Day in Waterford

A Crystal-Clear Day in Waterford

After a relaxing breakfast onboard, today our Ballads of Britain cruise brings us to the small city of Waterford, Ireland.  Located on the south-east edge of the Green Isle, Waterford is the oldest and 5th largest city in the country.  But you’re probably more familiar with it because of its famous crystal.  Don’t worry, we made it over to the Waterford Crystal plant (or as the locals call it, the “glass factory”) for an afternoon tour.

We also walked around the city itself—along its cobble-stoned streets, along the waterfront, and into a great restaurant, La Bohème, for lunch.  We had wonderful weather, and such a cute place!

We returned to the Symphony just in time to make it to dinner in the Crystal Dining Room.  Carol enjoyed dinner so much that when the waiter asked what she’d like for dessert, she told him “I’ll have nothing, thank you.”

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