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A Leisurely Day in Jasper

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Shops along Jasper's front street

Today we spent a leisurely day in Jasper, a small town loaded with cute little shops and local eateries. The town was named after Jasper Hawes, an employee of the North West Company who operated a fur-trade post in the eastern part of the park known as “Jasper House.” By the time the post was abandoned, the name “Jasper” was being used to describe the whole area… and it stuck! It was a natural choice when a name was needed for the new town in 1913.

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Soft Rock Cafe

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Eagle's Nest--Momma watches over her babies

We started the day with breakfast at a local hole-in-the-wall called the “Soft Rock Café” – I guess the “Hard Rock Café” name was taken.

Today, we took our daily hike around Lake Annette just outside the town.  Because the weather was so balmy (about 75 degrees), there were many locals laying out and swimming with their kids at the lake’s “beach.”  Now keep in mind that these lakes are glacier-fed…brrr!

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Horse riding at Jasper Park Lodge

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Elk grazing on the lawn

Once away from the humans at the beach, we hiked through the quiet woodlands along the edge of the lake and even came across an eagles nest high in a pine tree. Then, along the road on the way back to the Jasper Park Lodge for dinner, we had another elk encounter.

Tomorrow we board the Rocky Mountaineer for two days of train travel onward to Vancouver!

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Geese fly over the lake outside our hotel room

A Leisurely Day in Jasper

Lobby of Jasper Park Lodge

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