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Bragozzo ride with a tasting at Ca'Zen

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Ca'Zen Bed and Breakfast in the Chioggia countryside

Some of the meats and cheeses we enjoyed

This morning we woke up in Chioggia, a small island town located in the very south of the Venice Lagoon. After taking a short walk through town, we arrived at the local fish harbor and boarded a Bragozzo boat. Now this type of boat is not as grand as it's name may imply. It's basically an old, enclosed boat holding about twenty people, with an old-fashioned ship wheel held by an old-fashioned looking sailor. But it was a great little sail around the harbor area to see the local fishing industry before docking back at the pier.

Chapel on the grounds of Ca'Zen

Then it was a ride out into the countryside to visit a farm that been in existence for hundreds of years. It's now a bed and breakfast, but the purpose of our visit was to sample all the locally produced food. So we had local meats, cheeses and vegetables in various forms, and of course, locally produced beer and wine. Not only was it really good food but also a wonderful setting in which to sample it. A beautiful day, the sun shining across the brick patio with the vast lawn in front and the chapel in the distance, make for a great way to spend the morning.

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