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Driving the Icefield Parkway

Lake Peyto along the Ice Fields Parkway

Crowfoot Glacier–a hanging glacier above the highway

Driving the Icefield Parkway

Reds & greens of Parker Ridge

Today we drove on the Icefield Parkway from Lake Louise to the town of Jasper located in Jasper National Park.  Along the way we kept stopping to take yet MORE pictures of the breathtaking scenery.  As we drove, Carol was able to lay her seat back and look up to the sky where each mountain and glacier passed in & out of view–like people, each had its own character.

Driving the Icefield Parkway

Saskatchewan Glacier from Parker Ridge

Some days in our travels we see nature that is unforgettable.  Today was one of those days!

After hiking up Parker Ridge (a 1 ½ mile climb which gains 820 feet in elevation) through alpine meadows, we were rewarded with stunning views of the Saskatchewan Glacier and the majestic pikes of the Canadian Rockies.  Sometimes the best things ARE free.

Driving the Icefield Parkway

Carol at Athabasca Falls

Then we drove to Athabasca Falls not knowing what a powerful and HUGE fall it is! Wow, just the sound of it was amazing.

Driving the Icefield Parkway

Athabasca Falls

We arrived at our destination–Jasper–at about 6 pm and had dinner at Earl’s, a local hangout that’s won many awards over the years. It was busy and noisy, but had very good food.  As we drove back to the Jasper Park Lodge for the night, we found 15 elk grazing on the lawn.

Driving the Icefield Parkway

Reflections in Bow Lake

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