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Holiday Cruises & Tours of Tallahassee Coming To You Live!

All of us at Holiday Cruises & Tours want to announce that after 17 years in business, we’ve finally decided to enter into the 21st century by joining a few of our favorite social networks. We see this as an opportunity to keep in better touch with all of our existing clients as well as stir excitement for travel in order to connect with new ones.

Our blog here will remain constantly updated and will always be a place where you can find the latest in travel news, trends, and even follow the travels of our adventurous staff. In the next few months, you can count on seeing our first-hand experiences in cruise and travel; including a Singles/Married Couples Conference At Sea (Chynell), access to hot cruise itineraries all over the world, sights and sounds from ports of call on the Danube River (Phil & Carol), and even a journal from the ultimate 5-month travel sabbatical (Kristen). Click on our counselors’ names on the right hand side to follow their personal broadcasts.

Feel free to stop in on us from time to time and to take part in our community.

We look forward to sharing our business with you!

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