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Kristen & Joe: House Dedication

The week before Easter was a very busy and fulfilling one.  Joe helped finish building two houses for a couple of families a couple weeks ago.  My parents (who were down for a visit) and I were lucky enough to go with Joe to the house dedication.  It was an amazing experience.  The family was unbelievably grateful and there was even a bit of crying.  They then had us sit down while they cooked us a meal.  These families had almost nothing and feeding us was a great sacrifice on their part.

After building the house, Joe’s job was to help build beds for the family.  He said it was an unbelievable seeing the reaction of the children who have never slept in a real bed and now they had beds of their own.  One little girl couldn’t wait for them to set up the beds and decided to try out the mattress before it was even taken into the house.  How precious!!!

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