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Kristen& Joe: Somerset Team 1

Trying out Joe's unicycle

Joe dancing with a little boy named Jesus...

The last two weeks went by in a blur.  We hosted 4 teams in two weeks.  The first week, 8 people from Holy Cross Anglican Church in Tallahassee, as well as 14 people from Somerset United Methodist Church in Kentucky were here in Pana.  Holy Cross went across the lake to help build a detox room at a rehab center, while Somerset helped build a much needed house for a family in Chuaxic (about a 1/2 hour drive from here).  Joe was a driver and drove everyone out to Chuaxic everyday.  I bounced back and forth between the job sites when I could.  In the afternoon, we all got together for soccer clinics and VBS.  The kids loved playing soccer even in the rain.  The teams really meshed well.  They weren’t at all “cliquey” and were very friendly to the people on the other team.

The family thanking the team.

Yours truly carrying blocks.

Digging Foundation

Mixing cement by shovel

Pulling rock out of the ground

Bending Rebar

Somerset team with the family

Futball time!!

Hector leading music during VBS.

Craft time!!

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