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Lenny Cruises the Western Mediterranean: Stay Tuned

Lenny Cruises the Western Mediterranean

The Promenade on the Voyager of the Seas

Lenny Cruises the Western Mediterranean

Anna & I on Las Rombles

I am off to see Barcelona and then cruise around the Western Mediterranean Sea aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas. Come along as I visit the sites of Barcelona, take a hydrofoil journey to the Isle of Capri, stroll the streets of Rome, explore the wine and museums of Florance, and make an appearance at the Boat and Yacht show in Monte Carlo and Provance, France.

My journey starts on September 16th with a long flight to Barcelona, and ends on September 26th with another long plane ride home.

Come along for a fun-filled 11 days aboard the Voyager of the Seas!

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