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Phil & Carol on the Danube: Regensburg & the World’s Best Sausage

This morning after having breakfast at our hotel in Prague, we took a motorcoach headed to Passau to board our riverboat. But along the way we spent part of the day in Regensburg, Germany.

Leaving Prague, we drove south and crossed the border into Germany. Until recently, crossing the border was a big deal that could take hours, but since Germany and the

Czech Republic are both now part of the European Union, the crossing has all the challenges of crossing from Georgia to Florida on Interstate 75. Heading further south, we came to Regensburg.

Now, Regensburg is known for many things. The current pope is from here, it was founded in the 8th century, its hey-day was in the Middle Ages (mostly from all the trade on the Danube River), and it was unscathed in WWII. But the thing most remembered by Carol and me from previous trips is the quality of the sausage, sauerkraut, and sweet mustard at the Old Sausage House.

The Old Sausage House is adjacent to the Danube River and run by the local historical society. The building is actually part of the original city wall. Here, on open grills, the ladies

roast hot, succulent sausages until they are perfectly done. They load a plate with a generous portion of wonderfully seasoned German sauerkraut and place the sausages on top. This is then served with some of the best sweet mustard you ever tasted. This is the only item on their menu… you only have to choose how many sausages you want.

Oh yeah…Regensburg is full of history also. It has the oldest stone-arch bridge in Germany built, built in  the 12th century (see picture of Carol on the bridge with the town in the background).

After touring Regensburg (and having lunch at the Old Sausage House, of course), we continued on to Passau where we boarded our Riverboat that we will call home for the rest of the trip.

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