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Seascapes of Guernsey

Today, our British Isles cruise finds us in Guernsey (“gurn-ZEE”).  For those of you not familiar, this port is formally known as the Bailiwick of Guernsey—a British Crown Dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.  Not a part of the UK, but most politically similar to the Isle of Man. 

Travellers are drawn here because of the beautiful beaches, rolling cliffs, and impressive cow & donkey population .

Carol & I went along with 4 of our travelling friends and rented a cab for only $70, which drove us all over the 30-square-mile island.  Along the way, we saw the world’s smallest chapel (daw!), the amazing seascapes, and the German bunkers remaining from the WWII occupation of the Channel Islands.

The town of Guernsey itself is quiet, peaceful, cute!  Definitely a less-known destination with plenty of character & charm.

Seascapes of Guernsey

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