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Wednesday, December 4 - LISBON, PORTUGAL

A glorious mosaic of beauty, freedom, and authenticity, Portugal's capital is a stirring artwork of a city. Known for the seven hills it spreads across, and its stirring fado music, Lisbon is a pastel-coloured blend of houses and beautiful tile artworks - and this creative city strikes a perfect harmony between natural and manmade beauty. Stroll along Alfama's steep, cobbled streets as you explore one of the city's oldest neighborhoods - where each house and door could be its photograph. Look for the decorative tiles, with the distinctive blues and whites of Azulejo ceramics, and visit the dedicated museum to learn more. Afterward, wind up to Sao Jorge Castle, where views across Lisbon's red rooftops unravel. Just one of many majestic viewpoints, you can also seek out Miradouro da Graca for perhaps Lisbon's finest panorama, with the copper-colored suspension bridge stretching over sparkling water beyond the sea of buildings. The elegant Tower of Belem rises in the Tagus estuary and is a historic defender of these shores. The grand, carved cloisters of Jeronimos Monastery spread out close by, and there's another UNESCO-recognized location close by at Sintra, where a colorful town is set amid thick gardens and towering mountains - capped by the royal Pena Palace. Later, relax and take a quick break to drink Ginjinha, a cherry liqueur made from chocolate cups instead of coffee. Lisboetas have a sweet tooth, and the famous Pastel de Nata's crumbling pastry and caramelized custard topping is an essential complement to any coffee stop.

Funchal, Madeira  background.png

Thursday, December 5 - AT SEA

Friday, December 6 - FUNCHAL, MADEIRA

Saturday, December 7 - FUNCHAL, MADEIRA

Bedecked with dramatic cliffs, fertile mountains, and sun-gorged beaches, Madeira is a lush, colorful island of plants, paradise, and Portuguese-flavoured pleasures. Bathing in year-round sunshine, Funchal - the lowkey capital of Madeira - is perfect for slowing the pace and toasting the thrilling scenery with a bottle of the island's famous wine. Narrow, cobblestone streets line the old town, where whitewashed buildings, iron-wrought balconies, and tiled patterns carry chose of Lisbon. Rua de Santa Maria, the city's oldest street, and the doors have been vividly painted by local artists. Sit for a drink to sample your choice of Madeira's renowned wines - Boal is the choice for those with a sweeter tooth. You'll also find Corpo Santo Chapel here, one of the few remaining buildings that have survived from the 15th century. Blossoming parks and gardens splash color around, and the sweet smell of pollen lingers in Parque de Santa Catarina. Look out over Funchal Harbor between the fountains and blooming flower beds as ducks and swans enjoy leisurely days on the lake. Madeira Botanical Garden waits in the hills over the city, along with Palhero Garden - a sophisticated and elegantly landscaped English garden 500 meters above sea level. For an even more dramatic view of this gorgeous setting, head up to Cap Girao - a rusty-red cliff with a cable car strung up to its sheer drop. The cliff falls away vertically to the vivid blue waters below. Or head down to the sea to enjoy Funchal's gorgeous pebble beaches rustling, framed by colossal, craggy cliffs.

Included Shore Excursions:

Cable Car & Toboggan Ride: Activity Level - Extensive

Monte & Botanical Garden: Activity Level - Extensive

Panoramic Madeira: Activity Level - Moderate

Sunday, December 8 - Friday, December 13 - AT SEA

Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and catch up with what you've been indicated to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading, or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring the shoreside.


Saturday, December 14 - ST. JOHN'S, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA

Lush and lively, Antigua is a bedazzling Caribbean destination gorged with sunshine and crisp white sand beaches. Historic forts, sparkling coastline, and dense rainforest all contribute to Antigua's land of thrilling natural beauty. With its bright blue to turquoise sea gradients - the beaches are vibrant and plentiful, and the island has no shortage to choose from, with a rumored 365 options. Experience the beauty on horseback as your ride pounds across the sands and the wind whips through your hair. Choose to loll in a catamaran offshore or lie back on a bed of the softest sand to soak it all in. Beach shacks cook fresh seafood and spicy goat meat curries if you're feeling hungry. St John's glows in the sunshine, with flamingo pink and baby blue paints boldly coating vivid Georgian buildings. Lively markets offer an authentic slice of Antiguan life, while museums celebrate the island's revered cricketers like Viv Richards and the story of independence. The whacks and whoops of makeshift ticket games hint at the island's British history, and you can see more of this heritage at Falmouth Harbour, which was the center of the British presence in the Caribbean. The area is still filled with sailers and dallying yachts as well as the only working Georgian dockyard in the world. Built in 1725, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson's Dockyard, was led by Admiral Horatio Nelson and is a fascinating time warp. Hike up to viewpoints here, which reward glorious views of the forest-clad inlets, craggy cliffs, and pointed hills. The stone towers of sugar mills dot the island and hint at the tragic history of slavery amid the island's sugar trade past.

Included Shore Excursions:

Wheelchair Accessible Tour: Antigua Highlights: Activity Level - Minimal

Antigua Highlights: Activity Level - Moderate

Zipline Adventure: Activity Level - Physically Fit

Kayaking and Snorkeling at North Sound National Park: Activity Level - Physically Fit

San Juan_2022-01-10_18-39-18.jpg

Sunday, December 15 - SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

Monday, December 16 - SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

Sitting on the north coast of this lush, tropical island, San Juan is the second settlement founded by European settlers in the Caribbean and the oldest city under US jurisdiction. The stocky walls and watchtowers here have stood the test of time, repelling notable invaders - such as Sir Francis Drake and the pirates who historically looted these islands. With massive fortresses, airy plazas, and sheer Caribbean beauty, San Juan is a beach-blessed star of these turquoise waters. With over 500 years of European history, Old San Juan gleams in Puerto Rico's sunshine, with sugar-almond-painted facades and ankle-testing cobbled lanes. Decorative balconies and varnished wooden doors add everyday artistry to streets, dripping with history. Soak up the culture at rum-fuelled parties and salsa dances on this Spanish-culture-infused island, or recline into afternoon relaxation sessions on sensational slivers of gleaming sand. Kick back on the beach, or satisfy a lust for adventure by exploring the sprawling mangrove forest. The magic of sea kayaking after kark here is an experience you won't forget. Break the waves with your oar, and watch the waters illuminate with neon color as bioluminescence creates a mystical, peaceful spectacle. Pocked limestone cliffs and karst landscapes add rugged contrast to the serenity of the beaches, and you can walk into folds of the earth in sea-carved caves or across cliffs to hidden views of the Caribbean's expanse. Enjoy the island's cuisine by sampling Mofongo - a local concoction of green plantains and chicken. Why not indulge and wash down with an iced mojito made from crushed mint and locally distilled rum?

Included Shore Excursions:

El Yunque Rainforest with Angelito Trail (Sunday only): Activity Level - Physically Fit

Old San Juan on Foot: Activity Level - Moderate

El Yunque Rainforest Walk: Activity Level - Moderate

Walking Tour through Old San Juan: Activity Level - Physically Fit

Best of Historical and Modern San Juan: Activity Level - Extensive


Tuesday, December 17 - AT SEA

Wednesday, December 18 - AT SEA

Thursday, December 19 - FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA

Miles of sandy beaches, lively outdoor events, and a charming web of waterways help to make Fort Lauderdale a relaxed vacation capital of Florida. The excitement is palpable as cruise ships and gleaming yachts gather in the harbor ahead of adventures and luxury journeys across the waves. Soak up the relaxed atmosphere in the canal-laced 'Venice of America' as you enjoy big-label shopping on Las Olas Boulevard - or visit fancy restaurants and bustling art galleries. For a wilder experience, the swampy wetlands of the Everglades sprawl away nearby. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a lively stretch of sand, bordered by palm trees and sprinkled with crowds enjoying the Sunshine State's generous weather. The charming promenade of red-brick tiles extends along the beach's length and rumbles with passing rollerblades and cyclists. Flick across the waves while paragliding, or relax with a coffee or a margarita in a beachfront bar as volleyball games play out in front of you. For a quieter beach, Olas Beach lies a little down the coast towards Port Everglades and has extra space to spread out and tan on acres of smooth white sand. Spot the backs of alligators waiting patiently and the toothy grins of crocodiles patrolling the murky waters of the Everglades - the USA's largest tropical wetlands. A haven of extraordinary wildlife - birds wade through its swamps, and black bears and panthers roam its wilds. Take a plane to appreciate the full scale of the national park or purr along exploring its waterways in a fan-powered boat.

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