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Thursday, October 17 - PAPEETE 

Relax on sunny beaches, sample Tahitian fare, and take in the effervescent spirit of the city. But whatever you do, save time - and luggage space - for shopping. Black pearls and colorful crafts fill the market, and local treasures are so plentiful; you'll have trouble making choices, but you won't be bothered with large crowds and big tour groups because French Tiahiti is only accessible to small ships like ours.

Friday, October 18 - MOOREA

Welcome to paradise, where your stunning surroundings soak up superlatives and call for more. During our stay here, you'll have plenty of time to do it all. Be sure to consider the opportunity to hone your photography talents on an optional tour of the island in the company of a professional photographer. Your choices here are endless. Hike the majestic Three Coconut Trail. Visit dolphins in their native habitat. Or spend your time swimming and kayaking from Wind Spirit's Watersports Platform as we lay an anchor in these beautiful sapphire seas.

Saturday, October 19 - RAIATEA

Raiatea, "The Sacred Island," is located across the lagoon from Tahaa and shares the same barrier reef. (Legend claims the two were a single island until a conger eel possessed by the spirit of a princess separated them.) It used to be the center of religion and culture in the Society Islands. Taputapuatea, on the southeast coast, was once the most important marae around, the place where kings from the neighboring islands would gather for important ceremonies. Uturoa, the main town, reminds some people of Papeete in its younger days with its quaint low-rise buildings. Raiatea is also home to the only navigable river on the islands, the Fa'aroa. Explore Polynesian history or climb Mount Temehani in search of the rare tiare apetahi flower, which grows only here.


Sunday, October 20 - MOTU MAHAEA (TAHAA)

We will spend the day on a private island complete with swaying palm trees and white-sand beaches. Swim, snorkel, and enjoy a variety of water sports in the crystal-clear waters. There will be a delicious barbecue lunch and tropical drinks waiting for you. Explore Tahaa with optional excursions to discover the vanilla plantations and sacred sites of the island.

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Monday, October 21 - BORA BORA (Overnight)

Tuesday, October 22 - BORA BORA

Our stay here allows plenty of time to capture the beauty in photographs - and you'll want plenty. These stunning waters will show a different kaleidoscope of blue in each frame. You'll have lots of options for exploration, whether you prefer the access provided by a 4-by-4 or the thrill of riding in the open air. Stretch out on stunning white-sand beaches, dive and swim in brightly colored seas, or sail among the tiny islands and lagoons. But the highlight here will be the Windstar Exclusive Destination Discovery Event on a private mote complete with fire dancers. This is the stuff that dreams are made of and available to small ships.


Wednesday, October 23 - HUAHINE

Anchor here in the place whose nickname is "Garden of Eden." Take your time to explore the lush forests, the tropical landscapes, and the quaint villages to discover one of Polynesia's best-kept secrets. Here, at a slower pace, see a glimpse of the authentic South Pacific island lifestyle. Stop by the Maeva archaeological site and wander around the 150-odd marae (temple sites) and 400-year-old stone fish traps that are still in use, And you'll have your pick of the world's best snorkeling once again.

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