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Antarctica with Lindblad National Geographic - Day 1 & 2

Our track from South America to below the Antarctic Circle in Antarctica

We are embarking on an Antarctic expedition with Lindblad Cruises for 12 days. We fly from Miami, Florida to Ushuaia, Argentina via Santiago, Chile. This makes for about a 16-hour journey to get to the southernmost city in Argentina (in fact, the southernmost in the world). But when we get there, it's all worth it. We will then spend time visiting one of the most remote places on earth that very few people get to visit. We will travel south of the Antarctic Circle to visit whales, seals and penguins in their homes amongst the sea ice on the bays, the icebergs floating along the shores, the stony and snowy shorelines, and the valleys in the mountains.

Welcome to Ushuaia - southern most city in the world

Day 1 & 2—At Sea: We spend two days sailing across the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica and then down the western side of the Antarctic peninsula toward Marguerite Bay. It’s said the Drake Passage can be the “Drake Shake” (if the waves are high) or the “Drake Lake” (if it’s smooth) and you never know which it will be. We probably have more of the Drake Lake on this passage as the waves were only about nine feet or so. We had a good bit of movement, but nothing like it could be.

One of many sea birds encountered while crossing the Drake Passage

While crossing the Drake Passage we see lots of different sea birds. These birds live on the sea all their lives expect when having their babies, then it’s a short spell on land.

So far as being on the ship, the Endurance, it’s fantastic. The staff is great and attentive to every need or desire. T food it very good (and many options to choose from). The staterooms are well laid out with lots of storage and VERY comfortable beds. There are lots of activities including seminars on everything we are about to experience - wildlife, geology of the area, history of the early explorers and classes on photography to get the most out of our visits.

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