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Antarctica with Lindblad National Geographic - Day 3

Day 3 - Marguerite Bay, Red Rock Ridge and Jenny Island: After a hearty breakfast on board the ship, we head back to our cabins and dress for our first landing on this journey in Antarctica. Now when you are dressing to head out in to snow and ice, it’s a very different process from home in Florida. First on the bottom is the regular socks, then long johns, then jeans then wool socks and the waterproof pants. We have special boots which, of course, are waterproof and very warm. Now you have to have your long johns go over the tops of your first layer of socks, but under the wool socks. And of course, your jeans are over your wool socks, but tucked into your boots. And lastly, your waterproof pants go OVER your boots. Got all that?

For the top, it’s insulated underwear, flannel shirt, sweater, inner jacket for warmth, and outer, waterproof jacket topped off by a good scarf, gloves, wool cap and hood of your waterproof jacket. Notice, there are a lot of “waterproofs” in that description—and for a good reason!