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Coming to a Princess Poolside Theater Near You

Next time you have some time to kill before dinner aboard a Princess cruise ship, consider visiting the pool…again. Except this time, notice that as the stars have started to appear in the darkened sky, the lounge chairs where you spent your entire morning baking in the Caribbean sunshine have been transformed into outdoor theater-seating and that the newest hit movie is playing on a giant LED screen above the pool.

Grab a seat, a warm blanket, some popcorn, and maybe a cocktail, and you’re experiencing Princess’ “Movies Under the Stars.”

Back in 2004, Princess installed the first 300-square-foot Times-Square-style screen with 69,000-watt sound system on its newer vessel, the Caribbean Princess. And since then, the theaters have made a big “splash” across the Princess fleet.

Nighttime isn’t the only time you can enjoy the poolside cinema. The screens are used throughout the day as backdrop to all the fun, usually playing family-friendly flicks or even concert footage (the lighting is actually powerful enough to be seen clearly in the sunlight).

And what about the Academy Awards? Or Wimbleton? Or the SuperBowl? Don’t worry—Princess covers quite a bit of special programming, as well, if your cruise happens to sail during those exciting broadcasts.

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