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Cool Down in an EPIC Scandinavian-Style Ice Bar…at Sea

After a full day of playing in the hot Caribbean sun, the last thing you think you’d need is a parka. But if you’re sailing aboard the Norwegian EPIC (a ship so big and filled with awesomeness, you have to spell her name in all caps), you’d best put on a faux fur coat when you enter the Scandinavian-inspired Svedka Ice Bar.

It’s the only true ice bar at sea, and only one of 14 in the entire world. When you step into this winter wonderland, you see that everything around you—the bar, the walls, the tables, the stools, even your shot glass—is made out of glistening, frozen ice. And make sure to watch out for the life-sized ice sculptures when you’re finding a seat among your friends and to toast to 7 days of Freestyle cruising.

But if the ice bar’s temperature of 17°F sounds too frigid for your taste, just help yourself to some of that chilled vodka from the start to warm you up.

The EPIC was just released last year, and the Svedka ice bar is among a vast array of things onboard that were designed to “wow” its fun-loving passengers. One thing that makes the EPIC (and all of NCL’s ships for that matter) so special is the freedom that comes with dozens of dining options, the most flexible of dining schedules, and a general laid-backness of the cruising experience—afterall, you’re there to relax. This winter, the EPIC will be alternating between the east & west side of the Caribbean with round-trip sailings from Miami; however, she makes the journey across the Atlantic in May to kick off the summer season in Europe.

or give us a call if you’d like more information about cruising on the EPIC or about NCL’s Freestyle Cruising. We’d be happy to take care of all the details for you.

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