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Kristen & Joe: Our animals

I thought I would write a short blog about our pets in Guatemala.  It started 2 months back when we got a baby chick and a bunny. Their names are Goldie (the chick) and Rodger (the bunny). Since they grew up together, they are best buds.

Goldie and Rodger as babies

Goldie is in there somewhere

Goldie started doing everything Rodger did, including trying to hop like a bunny across the yard.  When Goldie got bigger, we got another baby chick named Sneezy.


Sneezy had a cold when we first got her and almost died, but we nursed her back to health.  Our lastest addition to the family is a baby duck named Carina, which is basically the Spanish word for Ducky.  We call her Rina.


We keep Rina in the chicken cage during the day with Sneezy so she has company, otherwise she gets really upset.  So now we have a duck that thinks it’s a chicken, two chickens that think they are bunnies, and a bunny that thinks it’s a human.  We are one big happy, yet confused family.

Rina and Sneezy (Sneezy is going through an awkward adolescent phase)

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