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The last town we went to in Morocco was the little town of Chefchaouen.  It was founded in 1471 by Moorish exiles from Spain and also Jews seeking refuge.  It´s a beautiful little town set up into the mountains.  It is nicknamed “the blue city” because all the buildings are washed with blue.

There isn´t a whole lot to do in Chefchaouen, but it is a great place to chill out and relax, which was badly needed after a big city such as Fez.  We did, however, go to the kasbah, which had a beautiful view of the town and surrounding mountains.  There was also a great square with lots of restraunts and coffee shops. We found a cute little restraunt in the middle of the square that served us really good Moroccan soup and bread for under $2 including tip.  People watching was very interesting.  Every once in a while we would see someone leading a goat or two to sell at the market.  Joe bought a handmade woven jacket and a shoulder bag to carry his computer which we jokingly refer to as his purse.  It was a nice way to end our time to Morocco.

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