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Kristen & Joe in France: Mystical Mont St. Michel

Today, we got back on the train to spend the day at Mont St. Michel. This world heritage site is known for its variable tides. A whopping 46 feet lies between its high and low tidal marks. This rocky island has been used as a monastery and as a prison. Legend has it that St. Michel, the archangel, told St. Aubert to build a church there. He did, and it became a pilgrimage site.

We visited the abbey, which was our favorite part. There were several museums, which were quite expensive.  I definitely recommend the abbey over any museum you find there.

The abbey was at the top of the hill, and we had to climb many steps, but seeing the monastery and view overlooking the water was amazing. The weather was cold and rainy, so the view could’ve been better.  However, the dreariness added to the mystery of the Mont. I recommend surfing the net and viewing pictures of it from above.

We had lunch at a great restaurant. Joe ordered seafood, but the plate that came out surprised him. Basically, it was a mixture of crawfish, shrimp, conk-like creatures, and lots of snails resting on a bed of seaweed.

The snails were especially difficult for him to get out of the shell, but once he got over what he was eating, he actually enjoyed it. He did say that it was the weirdest meal he had ever had, but he would eat it again.

Mystical Mont St. Michel
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