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Kristen & Joe in Germany: A Day in Berlin

Joe and his balloon animals!

We got up and jumped on the train to Berlin.  It was a comfortable two-hour trip.  I amused myself with my knitting and watching the scenery out the window. The hostel we checked into is very nice.  We are in a 6 bed dorm with a shower and toilet in the room.  This was very important to us because the one we stayed in Frankfurt (also a 6 bed dorm) has only two single toilet and shower bathrooms on the entire floor.  There was ALWAYS  a line to use the toilet and shower.  It was also a party hostel, which sometimes is ok, but not when your roommates get drunk and forget the key to the room, which result in their banging on the door waking everyone up in the middle of the night.  We have enjoyed our roommates the last couple of days, however.

Anyway, once we checked in, we headed to Alexanderplatz, an interesting and important plaza in Berlin.

Many protests took place there when Germany was divided before 1900.  There was a wall in the plaza that informed the visitors about the events leading up to the Reunification of Germany.

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