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Kristen & Joe in Germany: Another fun day in Berlin

Joe woke up sick today!  On the plane into Frankfurt, he sat next to a lady who was very sick and he apparently got what she had.  spent a lot of the morning with him (we did make it to a magic store where he got more ideas for his performance) and then when he went to sleep I did some sightseeing.  I first went to an island on the river that has several museums.

I didn’t go into any of them, but instead, had more of the city I wanted to see.  I ran into an outside art festival, which was a lot of fun for me.  I then went over to see the Brandenburg Gate.

and the Reichstag (the home of the German Parliament)

and then walked home.  I was gone for over 6 hours and Joe had just gotten up from a 6 hour nap.  Poor guy!

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