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Kristen & Joe in Italy: A Chic Roman Hostel & the Coliseum

Today we got up really early to catch a 6:30 am Ryan Air flight into Rome, Italy. Thankfully, the 2-hour flight was pretty uneventful. Once we’d landed, gone through customs, and gotten our bags, we had to figure out which bus to take into the city center. We finally found the correct one, and we left about 40 minutes later. It took another 40 minutes to get there plus about a 5-block walk over to the hostel.

When we checked in, we were informed that the private rooms were in a different building and had to walk another few blocks to get there. We were soooo happy to get to our room! Our room was a lot nicer than we thought it would be. The queen-sized bed was enclosed in curtains; we had cable TV, in-room wi-fi, and the best part:  a private bathroom with Jacuzzi! We couldn’t believe it! In a hostel!

Later, we got a bite to eat and headed straight for the Coliseum. It was pretty spooky thinking about all the slaves and Christians that were killed in that place. After the Coliseum, we were pretty tired from lack of sleep and walking around, so we went back to the room to rest.

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