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Kristen & Joe in Italy: Florence

July 3rd was a busy, busy day.  After a good breakfast (many of the hostels and hotels come with breakfast, yay), we decided to tackle the 1 1/2 hour line to the Galleria Dell Accademia.  It is most famous for its famous sculpture of David by Michelangelo.

It also houses other wonderful pieces such as unfinished “Slave” series, as well as, paintings from Florentine artists, a small music museum, and some really interesting plaster models used in the production of sculptures.

After this, I really wanted to see the Medici chapel and their tombs.  I studied the sculptures of the tombs in my art history classes and really wanted to see them in person.. They were done by Michelangelo as well.  The Medici’s were the ruling family of Florence during the Renaissance and did a lot to promote the arts, especially Lorenzo “The Magnificent”.

After this, we grabbed a bite to eat and then went straight to the Museo Gallileo.  This museum was a bit different.  This was dedicated to the sciences during the Renaissance time.  It was fun looking at all the tools used by scientists, mathematicians, and astronomers hundreds of years ago.  Many things I didn’t recognize, but there were videos explaining how they worked.  The museum had an excellent selection of maps and globes.  They were beautiful.

The next day, Joe’s left leg was hurting him pretty bad. He was in a motorcycle wreck almost a year ago and fractured his leg.  It’s been holding up really well on this trip, but has been bothering him lately, so we decided to relax today.  I worked on knitting a lot and Joe practiced his guitar.  He also bought some juggling pins and has been practicing them.  He used to be a professional clown.  No Joke!  He wants to get an act together so he can do some street performance on this trip.

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