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Kristen & Joe in Italy: Naples & Florence

We checked out of our hotel in Poistano on July 1.  I was really sad to leave, but the adventure must continue.  The Almalfi Coast is made up of a lot of mountains and the drive along is very beautiful and scary.  Instead of carving the roads through the mountains, they made the roads to go along the side of the clifts.  On one side of the vehicle there’s the water about 100 feet down and on the other side is mountains rising up above.  There’s also ALOT of hairpin turns.  In our 40 minute drive I counted 132 before I got bored and stopped counting.

We got intoNaples midafternoon and walked around the town for a bit before setting down for the night.  What a cultureshock!  Naples is pretty much opposite of Positano.  It’s very gritty and we soon learned crossing the road was an adventure.  Apparently, you are suppossed to walk out in the middle of traffic and the cars stop for you, but I saw a couple pedestrians almost got hit by cars so I wouldn’t reccomend it.  We never knew if we were supposed to cross or not so we tried to wait until a local came along and then do what they did.

Fortunately, we were there for only one night before we packed up and went to Florence.  We got there on the afternoon of the 2nd.  We walked by the river for a while.  Then, as we were walking through the town we heard organ musci playing.  We found the church where it was coming from and sat down and listened to it.  Itwas a free classical musci concert and boy it was good!!  The sound filled the space and was very beautiful.  It reminded me of my mom.  She used to play the organ at church and teach piano lessons.  There was alwasy music in the house when I was growing up.  I really mkiss hearing her play the piano.  I tried to record some of the concert for her because I know she would love it, but we later had technical difficulties with the camera and lost what I recorded.  What a bummer, but I tried.

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