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Kristen & Joe in Italy: On To Naples & to the Herculaneum Ruins

After checking out of our hostel this morning, we boarded the train for the 1-hour trip to Naples. Since the train was full, we couldn’t find seats and we hung out between the cars by the door. This worked out well, since we met 2 delightful girls from England, and we all kept each other entertained during the trip.

We are staying in the city of Naples in a hostel that used to be a fabric factory. Pretty cool! After we settled into our room, Joe and I headed to the Herculaneum ruins, which were within walking distance of our hostel. Herculaneum, like Pompeii, was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., but it is much better preserved. Not only are many buildings left standing, but some of the original mosaic flooring, frescoes, pottery, and even WOOD are still in good shape. Amazing!!!

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