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Kristen & Joe in Italy: The Vatican in 2 Days

We wanted to visit both the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter’s Cathedral in one day, but soon realized that it was impossible.

We took our time going through the Vatican Museums taking in the beautiful art, and Joe saw his first Egyptian mummy! At the end of the tour we went to the Sistine Chapel and saw the ceiling which was painted by Michelangelo, my favorite artist. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take pictures.

Today we went back to visit the largest church in the world, Saint Peter’s Cathedral. For those who haven’t been, words cannot describe this church. It is grand in every way, from its sheer size to the countless life-size marble sculptures inside. I was lucky to see another one of Michelangelo’s famous works, “The Pieta.”  After visiting the Basilica, we went to the top of the dome that overlooks the city and then went down into the crypt to see where the popes had been interred. What a day!

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