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Kristen & Joe in Liverpool: A Reunion with Mom & Dad

On Monday, Joe and I saw my parents (Phil & Carol) off on their British Isles cruise and we decided to meet again in Liverpool that Saturday to spend another day together.

When we got to the city on Friday, there was a misunderstanding at the guest house, which left us stranded outside for about an hour. Traveling is always full of surprises, isn´t it? We did make it to our room, which was pretty nice and the owners of the place were super-friendly.

Liverpool: A Reunion with Mom & Dad

The next day, we met with Mom and Dad and did a hop-on-hop-off bus tour with a guide named Loopy Lou, who happened to be a little too chipper for my taste. She did make things interesting, though.  From there, we went to the top of the Liverpool Cathedral and saw amazing views overlooking the city. Then onto lunch at a pub and walking around a little before seeing Mom and Dad off. That was hard for me to do since I miss them very much.

The morning after that, Joe and I attended a Baptist church, which was fun. The music was lively, the congregation was friendly, and the preacher was very good and actually funny. After church we went to an African festival that was held in a park near our guest house. Different bands from all over the world were flown in and there was lots of food. Our favorite was the food from North Africa and the Caribbean. After the festival, we moved into a hotel a short distance from the airport since we had an early morning flight into Rome the next morning.

Liverpool: A Reunion with Mom & Dad
Liverpool: A Reunion with Mom & Dad
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