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Kristen & Joe on the Road: Artsy in Asheville, North Carolina

In the last post, I mentioned that we were going to the Science Museum in Nashville. When we were there, we did something we have always enjoyed doing, going to the planetarium. For those in Tallahassee who have never seen a show at a planetarium, there’s one at the Kleman Plaza. It’s alot of fun and very educational!

Anyway, this show was about the life cycle of stars. Fascinating!! After the show we decided to head on over to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. We found a hotel in Pigeon Forge for $34, including tax and it was actually pretty decent. We had been staying in a hostel in Nashville, so it was nice to get our own room.

Tuesday we decided to hit the arts and crafts trail in Gatlinburg. There is an 8 mile circle where over 100 artists have studios and shops. We spent all day browsing and talking to the artists and managed to get to most of the shops. There were woodworkers, potters, candle makers, iron smiths, you name it. It was very inspiring! It gave both Joe and I the creative bug. I graduated with an art degree (ceramics and fiber arts were my favorite classes), and Joe loves to work with wood. The weather, however, was horrible. Tennessee is going through a cold snap right now and it rained all day. By the time Joe and made it back to our hotel, we could barely feel our toes.

Today (Wednesday) we walked downtown Gatlinburg a bit before heading over to Asheville, North Carolina. The drive was gorgeous! It took us a little over an hour and we had such a pleasant drive through the mountains. When we got here we found a hostel, checked in, and headed downtown. Joe was getting tired so we found a coffee shop attached to a local bookstore to hang out at. Just our luck, as we were walking in, they were setting up for a local radio show that was being taped there. We spent the evening being entertained by stories, music, and poetry. It was a lovely evening.

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