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Kristen & Joe on the Road: Clarksville & Nashville

Well, for the last week we’ve split our time between two cities: Nashville and Clarksville. The whole point of this trip was to show Joe around where I’ve spent 8 years of my adult life and also to meet up with some dear friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years. Clarksville is a little less than an hour’s drive from Nashville. It’s located right next to the Kentucky border. Ft. Campbell, the army post, straddles both the Tennessee and Kentucky borders. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do in Clarksville. When I lived there, I was involved in the arts, which kept me busy, but visiting is another story. Things definitely slow down once you get there. We did get to meet up with a couple of my best friends: Ken and his wife, Melody. Ken used to teach me ceramics when I was in school and we formed a friendship that transcended the normal teacher/student relationship. They both have helped me get through some of the most difficult times of my life and they will always have a special place in my heart.

The rest of the time was spent in Nashville. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s apparently a “Nashville must-do”, but since neither of us listen to country music we left feeling kind of confused. Other things we did over the last couple days included: going to Centennial Park to see a replica of the Parthenon, going to the zoo, and I took him to my favorite restaurant, Demos’. Today, we are going on a city tour and then heading over to the Science Museum.

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