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Kristen & Joe’s Guatemala Mission Trip: Doctor’s Visit

Today Joe and I never made it to the work site. Joe woke up really sick. I had breakfast with everyone then Bobby, who works for Lloyd and Melanie, ran to the pharmacy to get the doctor. Joe came down to Porch soon after. When the doctor came, Bobby helped translate and then we went to the pharmacy to get Joe some antibiotics. He was feeling better the next day. Even though I hated that Joe was sick, it was fascinating to watch the process: The doctor comes to you. After he makes his prognosis, he tells you to pay what you can. There is no set price for a doctor’s visit. I had to get Bobby to help me figure out a price. Then you go get the medicine. All of this happens within an hour or so, and the total cost for this service (including three prescriptions) was $50.

After Joe and I had lunch, he went back to bed and I went to VBS. This group was a bit smaller than the first–about 25 kids. I think they were even sweeter than the first group, though. I made a friend named Tomasa. She came over and sat on my lap towards the beginning of VBS and even when her friends wanted her to sit with them, she wouldn’t leave me. When my legs were asleep, I had to pry her off of me and set her beside me. One note about the kids here: I have never met such well-behaved kids. They are very protective of and generous to the smaller ones. When I hand out a piece of yarn or markers, they make sure others have one first before they take for themselves. If they have a piece already, they don’t hoard it; they give it back to me. Nothing is wasted here.

Dinner tonight was at the Circus Bar, a pizza joint. I got adventurous and had the blue cheese pizza. It was very good! After that, several of us wanted to try the street food. Joe and I had a delicious gringa. Not sure exactly what’s in it but yummy nevertheless.

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