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Kristen & Joe’s Guatemala Mission Trip: Work Day

Today was a work day. In the morning, we were at the coco lady’s house tying rebar. It is amazing how little tools they have here to build houses. Instead of using a tape measurer, they measure things according to the span of their hands. Instead of using a level, they use a tube filled with water to make sure things are even. To make the concrete, they have to dig the sand from the river, sift it on site, and then mix it with a shovel. Not to mention, the water has to be carried in by bucket from the local wash area (that was one of my jobs the last day), etc., etc., etc.

After lunch, we headed to our first Vacation Bible School where we played with the kids, sang songs together, and did crafts. We had over 50 kids, and it was so much fun. Since I didn’t speak more than a just a few words of Spanish, and they didn’t speak any English, there was a major communication barrier. Thank goodness Marjie and Christie were there to translate. Again, Joe was a hit with his magic and juggling–he was so good with the kids. It was apparent to everyone that this was the most excitement these kids have seen in a long time.

After we got back and washed up, we went to Chinita’s. It’s a fun hippie restraunt with live music and great food (sort of a mix of different Asian foods). I had, of course, curry.

Joe and Lloyd got into a lively debate which was very fun for me to watch. Joe loves to play devil’s advocate and debate with people, so I was glad I wasn’t involved for once. After dinner, we retired early. Joe had been fighting a sinus infection for a few days and wasn’t feeling good.

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