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After staying in Merzouga one more night we boarded the bus at 7 pm for the overnight trip to Meknes.  We got into Meknes at 4:30 am with no place to stay.  We wanted to get off the street and find a place to crash.  We were exhausted so we decided to book the first cheap hotel we could find.  After a good rest, we realized that this hotel was basically a bed, but very little else.  We had a shower, but no hot water, towels, or toiletries.  We also had a toilet on the same floor but no toilet paper (we had to buy our own).  They also didn´t speak English at the front desk.

We still went out and had a decent time by going to the market.  We realized that the market between big cities and small are very different.  There were very few tourists so the items sold were very authentic and we weren´t hassled nearly as much as in Marrakesh.  The most interesting thing was when we turned a corner, there was a street lined with metal workers.  Each on had some kind of welding torch, saw, or some other tool in their hands.  It was fun watching them work.  Along the same street, we watched as guys pounded limestone rock into powder.  What difficult work!

This was interesting, but we were ready to leave and get a hot shower.

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