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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

We left Munich and decided to see a couple small towns in Bavaria.  We stopped at Rothenburg first.  It is a medieval town surrounded by city walls.

It is such a cute little town with some great crafts and Christmas shops.

We found a map with the descriptions of the buildings and took ourselves on a guided tour.  There is also a little walkway on the town wall, so we decided to walk it before heading back to our hotel for the evening.

For a couple of weeks now, Joe has been collecting goofy things to add to his street performance and has been practicing.  We decided it was time to get out there, so the next morning, we gathered up the juggling pins, magic tricks, etc. and went looking for a good spot.  We couldn’t find one.  There was a yard sale going on in the middle of town, so we decided to wait until it was over before Joe did his thing.  I went to the stores and browsed the traditional crafts and then we set up a couple of hours later.

Joe was so nervous to get out there with his new tricks and things didn’t go very smoothly for him.  I was nervous too and didn’t do such a good job making balloon animals for the kids.  I did finally make a few swords and hats, but I forgot to take pictures of Joe’s first performance.  We did make a couple of Euros in tips and had a good laugh.  We decided to try again in the next town we go to.  We had dinner and then grabbed a couple of shneeballens (a local sweet) and went back to the room.

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