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Scarlet Lady - I'm Hungry!

Phil & Carol ready for Korean BBQ at Gunbae

I'm Hungry! So where do I eat on Virgin Voyage's Scarlet Lady? Well, Virgin Voyages claims to have 20+ eateries on board the ship, which is true... kind of. To actually get to 20+ you need to be counting the popsicle stand up in the galley. But there are PLENTY of places to choose from and none of them is an extra charge to get in (although there ARE a few special items like the tomahawk steak that is an extra charge).

A portion of the meat at Gunbae

We found the food overall to be excellent no matter where we ate. But, of course, people have different tastes so there is a wide variety a places to eat on board. There are grab and go places like the Pizza Place serving... uh... made-to-order pizza. Or the Sun Club Cafe at the top of the ship serving Hawaiian Poke Bowls.

The Dock

There is also the usual cultural variety for eateries including Pink Agave (Mexican), The Dock House (Casual Mediterranean), and Extra Virgin (Italian). Then there is The Wake (Steak and Seafood) located at the very back of the ship (hence, The Wake) which is a quiet venue with soft music serving truly great steak and seafood. A super place for the romantic dinner. Are you health-conscious? Then head to "Razzle Dazzle Restaurant. It's a Veggie-forward place with some interesting dishes like "Fish" and Chips that are made from fried bananas. Interesting!

Entrance to Pink Agave Mexican Restaurant

There are two other eateries on board with different twists. First is The Test Kitchen, part eatery and part cooking school. With tasting menus, it can be experimental or educational, but always very social with long community tables throughout. We found this table setting to be common in a number of the venues throughout the ship. Often, a restaurant on Scarlet Lady has everything from tables for two to these large community-style tables that make for meeting lots of new friends.

Extra Virgin Italian Restaurant

The other rather unique eatery aboard is Gunbae, a Korean BBQ place up on Deck 15 at the back of the ship. If you want to try something that may be new to you, try this! You are served about 20 different Korean dishes - everything from seaweed chips to grilled marinade Kobe beef. This is a restaurant with a first-at-sea feature - a grill in the middle of each table. That's right, the vegetables (two kinds of mushrooms, zucchini, etc), seafood (including shrimp, squid and octopus) and the meat (including chicken, bacon, and beef) were all grilled in the middle of the table.

Afternoon Tea (if you are into that)

On the more casual side, beside The Pizza Place and Sun Club Cafe mentioned above, there is The Social Club Diner serving Hot Dogs and other Carnival-type eats and upstairs on the ship, where most cruise ships have their buffet, there is the Galley Food Hall with a mix of eight shops and food-truck style carts including a bakery and pastry shop (Well Bread), a panini ship (Hot off the Press), a burger grill (Burger Bar), a taco shack (Let's Taco Bout It), a sushi bar (Bento Baby), a noodle bar (Noodle Around), a soup and salad stand (The Daily Mix), and a 24-hour American diner featuring all-day breakfast (Diner & Dash). It also has a dessert bar (The Sweet Side).

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