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Scarlet Lady - Show me some Entertainment

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The Red Room - where many shows take place

Welcome to Entertainment on Virgin Voyage's Scarlet Lady. Most of the entertainment shows on board are under copyright, so I can't show you a lot of pictures or video on them. I can give you a sampling of some of the pop-up entertainment that can show up anywhere at anytime around the ship.

One of the main showrooms is The Red Room where we saw an amazing acrobatic show. The room was set up with seats all around the show floor. i.e. In the round. On another evening, it was set up in a more traditional way with a main stage and raked seating. The shows are nothing like you would see on a more traditional cruise line. They are eclectic and can be edgy with "colorful" language and suggestive storylines.

Elsewhere around the ship, there are small venues with Blues singers, solo guitarist or small ensembles.

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